Shraddha Kadakia has the vision to spread across awareness on Photography. Todays digital world and her motive of reaching out to the mass made her launch a Youtube channel where she explains in a very easy way basics on how to use a DSLR camera. Hope this helps all you budding Photographers in creating beautiful Pictures.

Basic Tips To Know Before Starting Your Photography Business

Basic Tips one needs to keep in mind before starting your Photography Business.Hope this video helps you and you are able to build stronger Photography Business for yourself.

Photography Marketing Tips

Few Marketing Tips for growing your Photography business.

Essential Tips To Become A Creative Photographer

5 Essential Tips to become a Creative Photographer.

Motivate yourself Constantly

Self Motivation is the key to success. 
In this video i am sharing my experience, story and few thoughts what I have applied in my Photography career hope you can relate with it.

Introduction To The DSLR Camera‬

Have you just bought a DSLR camera and don't know what to do with it? Start with the basics and learn how this terrific camera can function!

Introduction To The Semi Manual Mode On A DSLR‬
Learn the different automatic modes available on it,Don't know what are the different modes on the mode dial and when and where should they be used. Select the correct mode before clicking. ‬
What is Aperture?‬

In this episode learn What is an aperture, how does it work, and how does different aperture values affect picture quality.

What Is Shutter Speed?
Learning new techniques on your camera ? Don't know how to shoot fast moving objects/ subjects stylish and creative way.
What Does ISO Mean?‬
ISO means International Organization for Standardization, but what does it actually do in a camera and what difference does it bring to a photograph? Confused, here is one stop shop to know your camera better. ‬
Understanding Camera Manual Mode
Learn how to shoot in manual mode to gain camera confidence and start making more creative photos. Learn how you can adjust the the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure to get the desired photographs.
How To Shoot In Monsoons
For many, the monsoon is initially a relief from the exhausting summer. A time when the showers from the heavens wash away the hated heat of the summer. When the earth looks like it has been swept and polished and made to shine. And its a nightmare for photographers. In this episode learn how you can carry your expensive DSLR out in the rains and safely shoot.
How To Clean Camera Equipment
Cleaning your camera equipment or lens should be a regular (although not too regular) part of any camera owner's maintenance. While you do need to be very careful during this process it's not something to be frightened about. The best time to clean a lens is when it's dirty -- don't get in the habit of cleaning it off daily or you'll do more damage than good.
How To Shoot Using The Rule Of Thirds
Improve your picture style without using excessive accessories or equipment. Learn how to frame and improve your composition using the mighty rule of thirds. Its simple and basic and you'll be surprised by how outstanding your pictures look if one keeps this simple rule in mind while clicking photos. Happy clicking
Understanding Different Types Of Lenses
Tracking different types of lenses and the difference between the standard, wide and telephoto lenses to get the image you desire. You will also learn the difference between lens features of the Canon and Nikon camera. Its basic and effective. Oh and also watch out for the quick tip of the day. Happy Clicking!
How To Capture Flame Images
Be innovative and experiment with your camera by learning how to capture images of flaming objects. Shraddha teaches us how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture to the right setting for the perfect image.
Keep in mind these simple guidelines and capture brilliant flaming pictures.
Learn How To Capture Smoke
Use your DSLR to capture smoke and smoky looking objects in the best way possible. Shraddha guides you through the process and makes this process simple and basic. So pick up your camera and start clicking innovative smoky pictures. Happy clicking !
Capture Images Using High Shutter Speed
On this festive occasion learn how to capture images of human pyramids using high shutter speed. Learn to adjust your settings on auto priority mode to get the desired images. Shraddha also guides you how to capture height in the easiest way possible. So keep experimenting and Happy Janmashtami !
Learn Macro Photography
Learn how to capture tiny objects using macro photography to make macro images in the best possible way. Learn how to position the lens close to the subject and capture images. Happy clicking !
How To Capture Water Splash Images
In today's episode of Shraddha teaches you how to freeze water in your images and highlight the image using a bulb. Experiment with different shutter speeds and you will get the perfect shot.
Understanding The Use Of Memory Cards
Have you ever wondered which memory card is used in which camera? In today's episode of Shoot It Right Shraddha explains the different kinds of memory cards and the use of each.
Sharp Images In Low Light Conditions Using a Tripod
A tripod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces and movements about horizontal axes. Learn how this simple photography tool can be used to create better and sharper images in low light conditions
Understanding Street Photography
Street photography is a genre of photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places. In this episode Shraddha explores the streets and shows you how to click the right picture capturing the right mood and feel in an urban situation.
Light Painting Using Photography Equipment
For all you non-painters out there, this is the best time to learn how to create simple photo paintings using your camera and torch light. Shraddha teaches you how to create light picture and images by just using correct camera settings and a dark environment.
Learn How To Shoot Different Camera Angles
Shoot different camera angles and toss your camera in to the air, make a short person thin and a tall person short. The weirder your camera angle the more interesting your photo.
Learn the difference between the bird's eye view and the bug's eye view. Learn how to explore different spaces and areas, use different angles to capture interesting images.
Macro Images Capture Using The Handy Reverse Lens Technique
In today's episode of Shoot It Right Shraddha teaches us how to capture macro images in the simplest way. Learn how to use the quick reverse lens technique and capture images. Shraddha teaches you how to mount the lens, apply the settings and capture the tiniest subject with immense clarity.
Understand Colour Temperature & White Balance Settings
What is white balance? Why is it important to change the white balance settings while clicking photographs.Shraddha takes us through a quick an easy episode on understanding white balance and how to improve the colours under different lighting conditions.
How To Click Diwali Pictures
This Diwali Season learn how to click the prettiest diwali pictures with Shraddha. Learn to apply the right settings, use the right lens and click the perfect festive photo.
How To Shoot Bokeh Photography
'Bokeh' in Japanese means blurr, create this effect to enhance a picture and make it look pretty. Shraddha teaches you how to shoot this effect and a click tip to enhance these images. Happy clicking!
How To Shoot Silhouette Pictures
A silhouette is the image of a person, an object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, its edges matching the outline of the subject. The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the whole is typically presented on a light background, usually white, or none at all. Shraddha teaches you how to click these images, by playing with light and using the right camera settings.
Learn how to shoot moving subjects By Panning
Panning is basically to move the camera along with a moving subject and get a sharper view of the subject, its a simple technique but needs practise to be perfected and Shraddha teaches you just how. Discover the right settings and exactly where to position yourself for the best result.
Shoot Sunset Here is How To Do It
Shooting the perfect sunset in all its richness and intensity is a perfect treat to the eyes and makes beautiful wall picture. In today's episode Shraddha teaches you how to shoot the perfect sun set. Discover how to adjust the setting for the right colour intensity and get the perfect frame for a beautiful picture.
Learn How To Photograph Star Trails
Shooting a star trail can be on of the most exciting and breath - taking experiences. But what exactly is a star trial ? A star trail is a type of photograph that utilizes long-exposure times to capture the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the Earth.
In this video, Shraddha takes you through the entire process of shooting the star trail, to the post production stage. Watch this video and you will definitely want to drive your self out on a clear sky to capture this amazing phenomena.